Stelvio, which is the first SUV model of Alfa Romeo and has a special importance, has attracted attention with both its features and price. The New Stelvio, which showed itself with its popularity thanks to the AUTO ZEITUNG it bought in Germany, broke an important record on the Nürburgring, one of the most well-known tracks in the world, thanks to its dynamic driving experience and superior handling. Having completed the entire track in 7 minutes 51 seconds, Alfa Romeo Stelvio became the fastest SUV in the world. Alfa Romeo continues with the Stelvio in its new model vehicles SUV segment, which it started with the Giulia. After being a special series in the European market, it managed to get full marks for design with its stylish designs and sporty components. Its general features are as follows: With stylish and sporty designs 687mm long 648mm width 903mm height 818 mm wheelbase D tabmandi standards It has a luggage volume of 525 lite